Friday, August 26, 2011

....OF TEXTURES & PATTERNS (a texture library for Arun Eximp and Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.)

As a part of the education programme at the National Institute of Design students are supposed to do a project with industry after the complition of their course. My diploma project was with Arun Eximp and Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.
Established in the year 1989, Arun Eximp and Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. is a small export house located in the heart of the City Of Joy(Calcutta). They have been engaged in creating value added fabric lengths. Initially this export house was targeting the Middle East but with due course of time they also started gaining the attention of the European market as well. A new design studio was set up on June 2006, and a design team was formed. The company specializes in fabric construction, hand embroidery, zardozi and adda work.
The project that I took involved understanding both the markets and the present identity of the company and coming up with a range of concepts of new fabrics (a swatch book which will be a kind of TEXTURE LIBRARY), which can be used by the company to make more fabrics and to create a range of hand woven stoles from Fulia for the European market.



We are living in a time of opposing tendencies. One current pushes us in the direction of sustainable “slowing down life style”. Emphasis is maximum on quality and not on quantity. This finds expression in what is durable, practical and timeless. One the other hand there is a sense of acceleration and a life at breakneck speed dominated by amusement and fun, high tech fabrics which are functional rather than sustainable. So there is a sense of contradiction duality and also pluralism.
Trends suggests that there is a deep need being realized about going back to the roots of humanity, to the basics of nature, to the untouched parts of nature, to wildness, to the animal part, to the wild, to nature in its purest form.
Hence I choose to focus entirely on nature and the evident and hidden aspects of it. I have chosen to go really close to the elements of nature and discover the hidden language of textures and patterns.

• To revive a combative confidence and creative boldness.
• Drawing on fabric and colour as generators of energy.
• Linking technology and an environmental conscience.
• Strengthening the positive tensions within the fashion whirlwind to thrust ourselves into the future and radiate with optimism.

Dealing and interacting with the artisans gave me an insight about their life their plight and how they struggle with finances. This made a mark in the way I saw fabrics, the export market, and even my own designs. After these interactions I consciously worked toward creating fabrics that would enhance the livelihood of the artisans. At times I even worked on designs that I was sure would work - a knowledge gained from the market survey, even if it did not appeal to my senses. One motive to do this was to design fabrics that sold, there by benefiting the company. But it was also keeping in mind that the artisan too benefits from this.


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